Best Partner Oy’s new website has been published

The aim for reforming Best Partner Oy’s website was to further improve the way Best Partner’s customers and stakeholders are served.

The aim of the reform was to refreshen the visual image and update the website to better meet Best Partner Oy’s current business state. In addition to a refreshed general image, content on both the services and Best Partner Oy’s business operations have been brought out more comprehensively. The aim is to continue to utilise the website in a more active manner in communications and as the support of customer work.

The website will continue to provide the most up-to-date information. We work in close cooperation with our customers, and the website must also serve this need.

We shall continue developing the website suring the winter of 2018 by e.g. expanding contents and deploying necessary new functions. We are happy to receive feedback and development ideas for this purpose. We shall provide information on the new functions closer to their deployment date. Any ideas and feedback concerning the website can be sent to the following address info(at)bestpartner.fi